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Canada Photo Gallery
Electric Hockey Club, 1900, photo by A.G. Pittaway, PA123956
Electric Hockey Club, 1900, photo by A.G. Pittaway, PA123956

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Canada Time zones
Canada’s public transit
Canada's Health Care System
Canada's Top 10 Attractions
Canadian border guidelines
Canadian Tipping Customs
Renting a Car in Canada
Statutory Holidays in Canada - Paying off in Spades

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Population: 31,021,300


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Alberta (17,084)
British Columbia (29,872)
Manitoba (4,586)
New Brunswick (3,162)
Newfoundland (2,145)
  NW Territories (336)
Nova Scotia (7,000)
Nunavut (214)
Ontario (67,512)
PE Island (1,200)
  Quebec (17,974)
Saskatchewan (3,807)
Yukon (568)
Abbotsford (491)
Barrie (783)
Brampton (1,113)
Brantford (483)
Burlington (980)
Burnaby (1,290)
Calgary (6,420)
Cambridge (467)
Concord (484)
Dartmouth (489)
Edmonton (4,252)
Etobicoke (588)
Guelph (914)
Halifax (1,740)
Hamilton (1,425)
Kamloops (519)
Kelowna (981)
  Kingston (861)
Kitchener (622)
Langley (573)
Laval (638)
Lethbridge (510)
London (1,845)
Markham (1,233)
Mississauga (4,110)
Montreal (6,842)
Nanaimo (548)
North Vancouver (734)
North York (768)
Oakville (1,017)
Ottawa (6,259)
Peterborough (503)
Prince George (601)
Quebec City (726)
  Regina (793)
Richmond (849)
Richmond Hill (704)
Saint Catharines (580)
Saint John's (651)
Saint Laurent (586)
Saskatoon (1,242)
Scarborough (818)
Surrey (1,075)
Toronto (15,578)
Vancouver (7,206)
Victoria (2,410)
Waterloo (736)
West Vancouver (662)
Windsor (815)
Winnipeg (2,698)

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Canadian Tipping Customs

Tipping in Canada is very similar to that in the United States due to the relatively close nature of the two countries. Like their American counterparts, waiters in Canada receive a 15-20% gratuity for good service.

Tips make up the majority of a server's salary because most restaurants pay their staff minimum wage. Wait staff must also tip out to the kitchen, bus staff, hostess and others too, meaning they may only take home 8-10% of a given tip. Servers sometimes must pay out of their own pockets if a minimum tip is not given.

Tip: Calculated gratiuties in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and   More...

  Canada Time zones

Would you believe a Canadian came up with the idea of standardized time? Prior to 1885, towns set their time by the sun. Noon meant the sun was directly overhead, which worked for some but caused massive headaches for people like Sir Sandford Flemming, Chief Engineer of the Canadian Pacific Railway.

The lack of any official time structure often caused problems for departure and arrival times for his trains, especially with a country as large as Canada. Flemming's first proposal of 24 time zones worldwide was met with wide opposition and criticism. Eventually, Flemming's idea of standard time was   More...

Canada's Top 10 Attractions

Exactly what makes Canada the world's second-largest country in the world has more to do with its people than the 8,000 kilometers (500 miles) of red and white-blooded land separating the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. They are equally as appreciative of the thousands of manmade and natural attractions that draw millions of visitors each year and will stop on a dime to tell you about the best poutine joint in Quebec, lobster restaurant in Nova Scotia or sushi bar in Vancouver.

Satisfying your appetite for all things Canadian goes deeper than anything served on a plate. The CN Tower in Toronto is the world's   More...

  Renting a Car in Canada

Ambitious drivers be warned. Mapping the world's second largest country through a car window can be as tedious as it is rewarding. Long stretches of highway, although imbued in scenery, can wear out their welcome faster than the in-laws on Thanksgiving. Yet year after year, hundreds, maybe thousands trek the seam of asphalt between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Crazy? Probably. But more than likely they have more time then the average traveler. To drive across Canada, and still take in all the sights, takes a minimum two weeks. Some of us just don't have that kind of time. Which is why we opt to   More...

Canada's Health Care System

The last stop anyone wants to make during their vacation is to the hospital. It can be a huge damper on your trip. Yet thousands of visitors make unexpected stops to Canadian hospitals and emergency rooms because of injuries, allergies or general illness every year. It can happen to anyone. Fortunately, Canada's healthcare system is regarded as being among the best in both quality and affordability.

While resident Canadians enjoy free healthcare, visiting patients are charged a fee depending on the type of illness and length of stay. Costs range between $1,000 and $2,000 and are mostly covered by health   More...

  Statutory Holidays in Canada

Federal Statutory Holidays

The following lists Canada's federal statutory holidays. Government offices, schools, banks and some stores in Canada are closed on these dates:

  • New Year's Day - January 1
  • Good Friday - Friday preceding Easter
  • Easter Monday - Monday immediately after Easter
  • The date for Easter is set each year by a formula adopted by Christian churches (the first Sunday after the first fourteenth day of the Paschal Full Moon that is on or after the ecclesiastical vernal equinox).
  • Victoria Day - the Monday preceding May 25
  • Canada   More...

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